How to make PJ MASK Cupcake Toppers | Free Printables Included

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Host an awesome PJ Mask Party with these free DIY printable decorations.  Your little ones will love these PJ Mask cupcake toppers & wrapper.

All the printables are free to download below.  Make sure to share your awesome decorations in my Facebook Group.


Tools & Equipment

  • ​​A4 White card stock:  The ones I use I purchase from my local stationery store, Office Works.  But this  A4 Card Stock paper is perfect to use and print at home.  Also really good quality and strong enough to make your centerpieces.
  • Wooden Skewers:  I purchase mine from our local dollar store.  But these wooden skewers are a great example of what you can use
  • Hot Glue or Sticky Tape:  Most the time I use sticky tape with my cupcake toppers but when I am not using that,  ​I use heavy duty Hot Glue, which I purchase from our local hardware store.  I like the nozzle to be thing, so it pores out slower, but any Craft Hot Glue would work fine too.  
  • Scissors:  If I am not cutting out my decorations with my Cameo, I am using my really sharp Westcott Craft Scissors.  I purchased mine from Amazon and are really sharp and fit my hands great.  
  • Printer:  Of course you would need a printer.  If you don’t have one at home, try a online printing store or go to your nearest stationery shop that does custom printing.  If you are looking for a good quality printer, this Printer is fantastic with printing A4, A3+ which are great for those 2 foot centerpieces 
  • Silhouette Cameo:  Most of the time when I am doing large orders and not filming DIY videos for you guys, I am cutting out my party printables/decorations with my Silhouette Cameo.  Easy and super fast

I will show you step by step below (with video link) on how to make your own custom PJ Mask cupcake toppers.

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How to make topper:
  • Print out your images on the white card stock.  These images will print on a A4 page  (standard printing paper size)
  • Cut along the dotted line (if you want the white edges)
  • Place your skewer stick at the back on the image and tape down with sticky tape

Make sure to check out our other PJ Mask printables we have to offer.  Click the image below:







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Sharing is Caring!

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    1. Thanks for your comment Alicia. I am not fimilar with the Cricut machine, so I probably not much help as I use a Cameo. But I think your best bet would be to download the PDF and convert it to a JPEG or PNG (which ever Cricut uses) and then got from there. Hoped that was helpful

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