FREE DIY Batman Centerpiece Decoration

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How to make 11-inch Batman Centerpiece Decoration

Tools you will need:

  • Batman Table Decoration Centerpiece (download below)
  • A4 White card stock (80gsm or more)
  • Wooden plaque
  • Wooden dowel
  • Hot glue
  • Popsicle sticks


Looking for the free Batman Centerpiece Decoration printable?

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Below please find the DIY video, to show you how to make these centrepieces.  Otherwise a breakdown description is also listed below:

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How to make:

  • Print out your images on the white card stock.  These images will print on a A4 page
  • Cut only the dotted line (if you want the white edges)
  • Hot glue the wooden dowel to the bottom center of the image or where you feel it looks best.  (remember to leave some at the bottom, so it can stand up in the wooden plaque)
  • Hot glue your popsicle sticks all over the image to give it more support
  • If you are doing double sided, hot glue your second image to the front image
  • Place in the wooden dowel


Superhero Birthday Party Setup


Batman Centerpiece Decorations


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Sharing is Caring!

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22 thoughts on “FREE DIY Batman Centerpiece Decoration”

  1. Hi I was wondering if I am able to print the batman, captain america, spiderman a little bigger like yours? I will be going to a print shop to print them out but I notice they are 11 inches, I would love to print them 15 inches. I thank you in advance for the reply. I love your website!!!!

    1. Sorry there was the wrong attachment added. I have amended it and you should be able to do the reverse side now. Let me know if you have any other issues. Thx

      1. yes thank you so much do you have anything of the little mermaid or know where i can look for it.
        thanks ur the best my nephew is going to love this

  2. Hello I was looking for a superman 11 inch printable and couldn’t find it. Do you have it? If so can I get both sides please. Thank you for your time

  3. Hi there
    I was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction for the other superhero 11 inch printable.. superman, hulk, ironman and captain america
    Thanks So Much
    you have helped me immensely with getting my little ones 5th birthday organised especially being on a very very tight budget..

  4. Do you by chance have Superman? Thanks for these!! My son of course has chose 6 specific superheroes for his party, lol. Cant find anything anywhere hardly.

  5. Hi thanks for posting these! They’re going to make the birthday boy’s wishes come through. Can I please get the superman printable both sides. Really appreciate it, as DS must have his favourite superhero. Thank you

  6. Hello Sam thank you so much for the awesome printables ! I was wondering do you happen to have anything for powerpuff girls my little girls birthday is not till next year but I would love to start making things in advance thank you .

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