May 2019 Income Report – $5212.77

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This is my second income report to share! (April Income report can be found here) I decided a month or so back that I would start to share my monthly blogging income report with my followers and readers. My intent is never to publish these post to brag but only to inspire and show my readers and followers just what is possible for a stay at home mom who started a home base business from scratch and with some hard work, and a lot of determination!

I am not going to lie, it is a little weird publishing my income reports for all my loved ones, friends and family to see, but that’s the trade off that I accept for the transparency that it provides to my readers and followers.

In these blog income reports, I will be reporting my blogging income and expenses as well as my online stores (Etsy & Shopify) income and expenses. I will also go through some insights to any recent changes I have made to my blog and shops. I want to be totally transparent and share what has worked for me, how much money I am making and what I need to improve on and much, much, more!

May was my tenth month working full time from home. July 2018 was when my family and I decided it was time for a change and live our dream, by owning and setting up our homestead and working from home. My husband sold his business and was officially retired as a stay-at-home dad.

I launched this blog back in February of 2015 but only started taking my business more seriously nine months ago (July 2018). Our goals for us was wanting to work from home, making up our own working hours, travelling when we wanted too and even taking our business with us when we travelled. All of these goals is what motivated me to get serious and treat my side hustle more like a business and start to earn a full time income from home.


Please note the amounts below are in Australian Dollars and in some cases I have rounded it up to the nearest dollar.

  • Advertising Revenue: $2152 (Google Adsense)
  • Youtube Revenue: $167
  • Amazon Affiliate Revenue: $74
  • Sharesale Affiliate Revenue: $609 (Breakdown Below)**
  • Other Affiliate Revenue: $129 (Photoshop, Etsy etc)
  • Product Revenue: $1979 (Etsy, Shopify, Teachable) ***
  • Consulting / Mentoring / Work with me: $103 (1 on 1 coaching for Business & Photoshop)

Total Blog Income = $5212.77

** The Sharesale income includes income from PicMonkey, Silhouette Distributor, Cricut, The Hungry JPEG, Craft Bundle & Designer Bundle

*** The Product income includes income from my Etsy Store, my Shopify Store and my ecourse Silhouette Studio Ecourse & Photoshop Ecourse & Launch Your Online Business (launched in June) & Party Printables that sell in Photoshop (launch in June)


Please note the amounts below are in Australian Dollars and in some cases I have rounded it up to the nearest dollar.Please also remember when first starting out your expenses wouldn’t be as high as mine.

  • Convertkit (email serves): $143
  • Etsy Seller Fees: $54
  • Adobe Program (Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Acropro): $41
  • Dropbox: 15
  • Shopify Monthly Fee: $35
  • Bank Fees (Paypal, Bank Fees): $46
  • Tailwind (automated pin schedular): $574 (I pay annually and upgraded to a new package)
  • Internet $90

Total Blog Expenses: $998.00

The following are my blogging expenses that I have paid annually. You normally get a better deal when paying in full for the whole year:

  • Tailwind (Social Media Scheduler): $530
  • Bluehost (Hosting Provider): $384.28
  • Domain Name: $21.94
  • Elementor Pro (Page Builder WordPress): $49

When you first starting out, you probably won’t have as many expenses as I have. In fact when I first started my online business I only had about $50 worth of expenses.


For May my blog / shop goals were as follows:

My main goal for this month was to record / film and edit my two new courses that I was launching in June, so most of my other business goals were placed on hold. Probably not a good idea because in June I will have to do some catching up.

  • Filming, recording & editing my upcoming courses (Photoshop Party Printables & Start Online Business)
  • Publish new content on my blog every week (did not accomplish)
  • Make new pins to add to my Pinterest Account (I think I accomplished 3)
  • Add 5 new listings to my shop (Etsy & Shopify) (added 6 new listings)
  • Have a To-Do List written out each night before bed
  • Do my Affirmations daily (this helped me tremendously)


42 hours/week

Please note I don’t normally work 42 hours a week. I put in more hours this month due to the launch of my two new courses. But normally I only work about 27 – 30 hours per week.

If you read my previous April Income Report you would know that when I first began my blog (back in 2015), I was only blogging part time. Which mean’t I only blogged every other month. But when I started to take my business more seriously and into full time mode I would work an average from 9 am – 2pm (while my daughter is at school and with a lunch break).  I also would tried to squeeze in an hour or so of work around the time when the kids are in bed. And my weekends are usually spent doing family things & doing some house work. So usually I try to keep away from my phone and laptop but if there are order that come through from my shops, then I would normally do those. So I would typically (in a normal month) work for around 27 hours.

But with that been said this month was abit more stressful (to say the least) and alot more hours than I would normally put in. With the launch of my two new courses around the corner, I really had to buckle down and get things done. So for the whole of this month my hubby took my daughter to and from school, which helped me out alot and meant I could spend those few hours focusing on recording and editing my course videos. So for this month my work week looked like: Started work at 8am and finished at around 4pm. Weekends were the same. Now please don’t think this is what a typical work week would be like for a blogger because it’s not. The only reason I put in alot more hours this month is purely because I left my course preparation to the last minute (which was my bad) and had to put in those extra hours.

I hope that the honesty and transparency that I provide in my income reports helps inspires you to start a online business from home, whether you are just barely starting your Etsy shop or whether you’ve been blogging for a while and are looking for that breakthrough.

If you are interested in starting your own business, having a blog is a great way to promote and market your business / shop. I go through the steps of how to start your own blog here.

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